18 November 2009

Recent posts at Neatorama

Once again, here is a potpourri of items I've posted at Neatorama, for those who don't regularly visit the site.

An entrance has been found on the surface of the moon probably leading to underground lunar tunnels (lava tubes).

An explanation of the prefix "yotta-"

The implications (or not) of having famous ancestors.

Video of a "bloodybelly comb jelly" (beautiful!).

Wooden you like to have a holzbibliothek?

Gold treasure from the Iron Age found in Scotland.

How volunteers are trying to protect ash trees (from the emerald ash borer) and how they are saving a seed pool for reestablishing the species.

Fun with Google Suggest.

Online access to the objects in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Find out what a "road train" is and whether you would like to drive in one.

A remarkable jousting helmet. You need to see the photos.

Lachanophobia explained.

How to build a coracle.

A beautiful object made from a camel's bladder.

Notes re the Leonid meteor shower.

"Pee-bales" for the garden and the environment.

A child's soccer goal - cute video.

A tear-down house on a nice lot. Very nice tear-down house. 36,000 square feet!

A little brass cannon that shoots when the sun triggers it at noon.


  1. Was it Lula or Chavez who recommended garden peeing ?

    It's really nice of you to make this potpourri !

  2. It was Lula, but it referred to the shower, not the garden-

    "According to the Brazilian environmental organization SOS Mata Atlantica, a household that flushes its toilet one less time per day saves more than 1,100 gallons of water per year. So the organization has launched a TV ad campaign encouraging Brazilians to avoid a flush by peeing in the shower. The ad shows cartoons of everyone — from aliens to King Kong — urinating in the shower and ends with the slogan: “Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic rainforest!”


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