05 November 2009

Queen medley - performed by Phillipine prisoners

This is of course a sequel to the famous "Thriller" video created at the same prison.

Those unfamiliar with the meme can read at Wiki about why thousands of high-security prisoners are dancing:
As a result of the prisoners' internet fame, many visitors come to CPDRC to view the monthly performances held by the convicts. Their presentations are seen from viewing platforms surrounding the exercise yard. At the jail, visitors can have their pictures taken with the inmates. They can also buy souvenir prison shirts...


  1. Prisoner Pride! Just outstanding. I adore the three utterly unabashed, all-in queens in tutus leading the dance.

    I wonder if there are any stats concerning violence and other problems in this prison. I'm hopefully imagining significantly less of the standard prison troubles there as a result of this dance program.

  2. The cynic inside me can't help but wonder whether there's any sort of in-fighting to decide who gets the lead parts. I could be wrong, but I think the man in the tutu with the long hair was the 'woman' character in the thriller video. Is it because he's good, or because he's some sort of top dog in there?

    But then the optimist inside me says good on them! They're having fun.


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