12 April 2009

"One man = One vote" ???

This is an old video, but I've not posted it before. It's certainly not illegal (in part because these are the legislators in Texas who make the laws...), but one of the ironies is that one of the topics they are voting on is how the public is allowed to vote.


  1. makes me feel like going out and voting a few times.

  2. I had never seen that video before...that's disgusting.

  3. I live in Texas and I don't see why this is a big deal, especially since the members of our state legislature don't have to TELL US HOW THEY VOTED IN THE FIRST PLACE! I can't find out if my representative voted to support or oppose any particular amendment or bill. This inequity is outrageous and we, the voters of Texas, should demand transparency.

    But then again, if the White House won't do it, why should the Texas State Legislature?


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