04 October 2010

Wolf breath

A reminder that winter is coming.  Which, in turn, reminds me that I should add this Paul Winter video:

I believe my clarinet-wielding cousin once exchanged riffs with a wolf up near Ely, Minnesota.

Top photo source unknown; found at Obey the Pepsi Cat, via Lushlight.


  1. That sounds wild. It reminds me that while I have heard wolves several times in the western US (an possibly seen one but it is unclear). The only time I have definitely seen one is smack in the middle of the road at ~5:00 am on Minnesota 53 just past Orr, MN headed to north International Falls, MN. My girlfriend (now wife) and I car camped just past Duluth on the way to Fort Frances, Ontario. We got up before dawn to get there early in the morning. The wolf was just ambling across the road in the very early morning (no cars anywhere). I was shocked because I never thought I would see one and he/she was BIG. Bigger than a great pyrenees and the coloration left no doubt.

    Probably my favorite wild animal encounter.

  2. I thought you were making A Game of Thrones reference.


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