13 August 2009

These photos were taken in a...

A) Russian nightclub
B) German hotel
C) Norwegian prison
D) Japanese theme park

More pix here (and answer via Babelfish)


  1. In Québec, you can also experience life behind bars in the Old Prison of Trois-Rivières. Not as luxurious as this one, but closer to the reality!

    Originally conceived to house around forty inmates, the prison was sometimes packed with more than a hundred.

    The unhealthy conditions of the prison led to many renovations over the years. Before closing in 1986, Trois-Rivières’ Old Prison was the oldest functional corrections establishment in Canada.

    Back to this hotel, I don't understand why people would choose to spend a night in such a fake prison. It's obviously not to get a taste of prisoners' lives behind bars. It's like they were mocking life behind bars, blowing away their money to get a surrealistic taste of an inmate's life.

  2. It's like a posh version of halls!


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