23 January 2021

Wisconsin Republicans want to revoke the current mask mandate - updated

"Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature will vote next week on a resolution that would end the statewide mask mandate designed to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Twenty-seven Republican lawmakers signed on to the resolution introduced Thursday...

[Governor] Evers first issued a statewide mask requirement in July and has extended the order three times, most recently on Tuesday.

“From day one, I’ve been ready to repeal Governor Evers’ unconstitutional edicts,” Bradley, a freshman lawmaker, said in a statement. “The governor has grossly overstepped his authority. I am hopeful that the Senate will vote for this resolution on Tuesday, and I encourage Wisconsinites to reach out to their legislators to support this effort.”

Republicans control the Senate 20-12 and the Assembly 60-38."
5,600 deaths in the state thus far.

"Republicans in the Assembly have paused efforts to eliminate Gov. Tony Evers' statewide mask mandate following reports that doing so could cut the state off from more than $49 million in federal food assistance for low-income families this month...

If the emergency order is repealed, Wisconsin could lose more than $49.3 million in FoodShare benefits, according to a memo from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The memo, which was requested by Rep. Evan Goyke, D-Milwaukee, states that federal COVID-19 aid passed last year provides assistance to households participating in food assistance programs as long as the state has an existing emergency health order in place. The state Department of Health Services estimates that more than 242,000 Wisconsin households will receive such emergency benefits this month..."


  1. I don't know how stupid people get elected into politics, but you would think, once there, they would not want their electors to die off.
    I guess my adjective shows it's worth.

  2. I watched 'The American President' last nite. It has a wonderful line.
    "How can people claim to love America, when they clearly hate Americans?"

  3. Good thing that Biden is prepared for a national mandate. Seriously, people... seatbelts aren't unconstitutional. Neither are masks. If you want to take this approach, why aren't you fighting to disband/defund the TSA, which is far more invasive?

  4. than why dont they get rid of the no shirt no shoes no service ??

  5. Why is everyone so salty about masks? They're a public health trifecta: cheap, easy and effective! Imagine if you could only reduce risk through expensive and cumbersome scuba gear, or invasive surgery, or... if nothing helped and every time leaving home was a gamble. Things could be so much worse! We should be grateful that masks exist. After all, it's not a decision between a mask or normal life, it's a decision between a mask or a deadly plague.

  6. Republicans behave as if their sole purpose is to thwart any and everything that democrats are trying to do, with no regard to what's actually best for the populace.

  7. I want to blame this situation on current stupidity, but similar things happened during the 1918 influenza epidemic. Mask mandates, anti-maskers complaining their rights were violated. The difference was that back then they didn't have social media, Fox News, etc. to amplify and unify local pockets of stupidity. Given that masks function primarily to keep your own cooties from infecting others, what Bradley and his ilk demand is the right to endanger other peoples' lives in order to save themselves some inconvenience. It boggles my mind to think that the deaths of 5600 people--a thousand more than the entire population of my home town--are less important than the annoyance of having my glasses fog up. But too often that rugged individualism we Americans boast about is really just rugged selfishness.

  8. Even if they were not having a big impact it's still a good idea just as signs saying don't spit on the sidewalk used to be necessary. We still have public urination laws. And it's consider dicourteous to fart in an alevator. If you are doing something that many people find offensive and not doing isn't a hardship then just don't do it. Why attach symbolism to it?

  9. Keep in mind that "No shirt, No shoes" is not mandated by government in most places and has taken 50 years or so to become commonplace and accepted.
    People are slow to change.


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