05 January 2021

The source of the Cetina river - updated

That would be Croatia, for those a bit rusty on world geography.  The pool (or underworld portal) is said to be 150 meters deep.   It's not surprising that ancient peoples would position churchs near such sites.

Via the Europe subreddit, where there is a wandering discussion.  And here's a photo of the church taken from the pool shoreline.  And another photo of the poolLots more.

And one more beautiful photo.

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Addendum - overhead photo, credit Stepo_1107 / Shutterstock, via.

Reposted to append one more photo of the spring:

And this video of a free dive there:

Note: one of the people in this screencap from the video -

- is a TYWKIWDBI reader (and a bookshelf sharer).  Greetings!

I'm impressed that visitors apparently refrain from tossing coins and debris into the spring.

Addendum:  hat tip to reader Brucexo, who found another video that does show tires and other trash further down in the spring.  I'll bet the first people who dived that site probably did find some minor treasures down there.


  1. "It's not surprising that ancient peoples would position churchs near such sites."

    It's very much the thing with Shinto shrines in Japan.

  2. Reminds me of The Blue Hole in Castalia Ohio. My grandpa used to say it was bottomless, the same level despite floods or droughts, and a steady temperature all year round. It sounded so mysterious as a kid.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. One can see why so many cultures throughout time and place have worshiped and revered nature.

  4. That is me on the sure at 0.03, and I'm not kidding.Glad to see you like my friends video. The water is freezing cold, 4-6 degrees celsius.

    1. I've just immortalized you with an image on the post. And if you ever visit here -


      or here -


      - send me a photo!

  5. Thanks for sharin' my video ;)
    It was a lovely experience...


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