18 January 2021

When your lunch plans change from a PBJ to ham and cheese

I love the saltiness of sourdough bread, and I understand that it has become very popular during the covid quarantine.  Perhaps home-baking enthusiasts can prevent this, but store-bought loaves sometimes have gigantic air pockets.  I've tried weighing the loaves with my hands at the store, but the difference between aerated bread and pure air is too subtle for me to detect.

So today it was ham and cheese.  And even at that, it broke in half.


  1. This brought back to mind something I'd almost forgotten. I grew up in the 1950s. Like so many families we bought loaves of white bread from the grocery store. Every now and then mom would unwrap a new loaf and find a huge air pocket like this. She saw it as one of life's little annoyances. By the time I was a teenager every store-bought loaf was complete. Something must have changed in the production process.

  2. I wouldn't expect the laoves to weigh differently since they probably use the same amount of dough. Perhaps look for the smallest loaf as this would be a good indication of density if my assumption about consistent dough amounts is correct.

  3. often (used to 'usually') the fresh produce section has a scale. or, ask the deli dept. to weigh your loaf.


    1. As per Mike Riley's note above, I doubt that even a Mettler would be of use here. What I should use is some sort of volumetric displacement device, or perhaps a portable CAT-scanner or maybe just an ultrasound probe.


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