18 January 2021

Three kidneys

Instead of the usual two kidneys seen in a typical person, the man had three: a normal-looking kidney on his left side and two fused kidneys located near the pelvis, the report said.

Usually, each kidney is connected to the bladder through a single duct called a ureter. In the man's case, one of the pelvis kidneys was directly connected to the bladder via a ureter. However, the ureter of the other pelvis kidney joined the ureter of the normal, left-side kidney before it entered the bladder.

Having three kidneys is rare, with fewer than 100 cases reported in the medical literature, according to a 2013 report of a similar case published in The Internet Journal of Radiology. The condition is thought to arise during embryonic development, when a structure that typically forms a single kidney splits in two.
The supernumerary kidney has a horseshoe component, described in detail here.


  1. Just as a side note, often when people receive kidneys from a donor, they don't remove any of the non-functioning kidneys. So the recipient ends up having three kidneys.

  2. As a teenager I was hospitalized with mysterious symptoms and found to have uterine didelphys and a solitary kidney. My hospital roommate, about the same age as me, was discovered to have uterine agenesis and three kidneys.


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