17 January 2021

I'm jealous of this hair

Mostly I'm jealous of just having hair, but that coloring is awesome.  It looks like the "structural" color of beetle wings etc, but was apparently created with dyes.  Comments at Reddit take note of the practical problems associated with maintaining this artwork. 

Posted for a certain "foxy" lady, who now seems to be sporting some blue color. 


  1. Stunning!
    I want!
    Thanks for sharing and for fixing the mouse!

  2. I'm jealous of women's clothing.
    Being a heterosexual man I feel socially limited in the clothes I can wear.
    Not that I want to continuously wear that tutu that I wore at that party that time, but it would be nice to be more flamboyant sometimes, without every person in the supermarket stopping to stare, and almost dropping their can of beans and box of prejudice.
    Give it a go sometime, pop on a skirt or a flowery blouse and go shopping, see what happens (doesn't apply Sanfran USA or Soho UK).

  3. I don't think I want that hair and the attention it undoubtedly attracts... and as WilliamRocket points out, as a guy I would not be admired for it... but I do appreciate those people that go to the trouble to give us those visuals. It brightens up the day.


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