28 January 2021

Count the masks

Patrons in a bar in Tampa Bay celebrating the Buccaneers' recent win over the Green Bay Packers.   I can count 3 masks (plus two used as chin supports) among the 30+ faces visible.  This in a city which recently had 20% coronavirus positivity rate among residents.   *sigh*


  1. And all crowded in together. 😫

  2. Here in San Francisco we haven't been allowed indoors for drinking or dining since March 2020, much less out in public for any reason without a mask. I can't even fathom this picture... I had no idea it was this loose elsewhere.

    I'm an infectious disease epidemiologist, but you don't have to be in my field to look at that picture and recognize that you're witnessing disease transmission in action. Amazing.

  3. This upsets me so much. Everyone in my household followed all the rules since the pandemic began. We always wore masks, only went out for exercise alone in the woods, and for curbside pickup for essential shopping. Plus we refused to travel for family over the holidays, no matter how much guilt tripping we received.

    We still caught it a few weeks ago, and the effects linger on. Three hospitalizations and one senseless death later, every idiot around us is out there crowding together in the bars. They're making sure to spread it to another family like mine.

  4. spread by nose, mouth, and assholes.

  5. We live in a neighboring county. My husband goes to the grocery every 2-3 weeks, masked and gloved. For a minute, I felt safe going to a couple of small shops for very brief, masked visits, but now, with the new, more contagious variant spreading, I'm not going anywhere. I don't understand these people at all.


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