30 January 2021

Ehlers Danlos syndrome in a cat

Toby, who lives with his owners Chris Lardner and Georgina Price in Gloucestershire,  has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that affects his skin, making it saggy, giving him a permanently grumpy look.

Chris and Georgina didn’t let his condition put them off, and adopted Toby and his best friend Quinton, after they were both rescued from a hoarder's house by the RSPCA...

'After a difficult start in life we are just glad we found them when we did. We can prevent Toby from further harm and ease any potential problems his EDS may bring.'
Re the potential problems of Ehlers-Danlos, see the Wikipedia entry.  Lots of photos at the first link.  I frankly didn't know that Ehlers-Danlos occurred in animals, but apparently it's also seen in dogs -

You learn something every day.

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