30 January 2021

Divertimento #185 (gifs)

Note: all the embedded images zoom to wallpaper size with a click, and then to super-huge mega size with a second click.   Explore...

"Glass glue" (resin) repairs cracked windows
Why Target is such a successful company
One way to cook an egg
Maliwawa figures (Australian aboriginal art)
I'm guessing this is Norway
Dr. Fauci explains what it was like during the Trump administration
Prohibition-era bottles found hidden in the walls of a house
How a swaging tool works (i.e. for handles of roof rakes!)
Optical illusion: these figures are not moving

Nature and Science
Microburst (Lake Millstat, Austria)
Cougar stalks a hiker for 6 minutes (understandably NSFW language)
The Red Asian Arowana, the world's most expensive fish
Velvety malachite
Tree canopy exhibiting "crown shyness"
Demonstration that hot air rises (reverse video for fun, proves nothing)

Impressive size of an anteater
Trailer for Cemetery - movie about the death of an elephant
Slow-motion video of hand-feeding birds.
Crocodiles can gallop
Blanket octopus (click for fullscreen on this one)

Impressive or clever
Deep fake artificial intelligence face generation [none of those are real people]
Crafting a tree with wire art
New FX technology from Industrial Light and Magic
Impressive cabinetry
Coordinated movement (and here) (discussed here)
Artist at work (some explanation in the discussion thread)

Sports and athleticism
Young kid hits pitched ball and foul ball from other park at the same time

Fails and wtf
Employee uses lighter to open bag in cotton warehouse
Why does anyone leave their car in Neutral instead of Park?????

Humorous or cheerful
Little girl rescues a shark
Good sportsmanship in youth basketball

Credit for these amazing images to Anton Balazh, who created them using data from NASA.  Yes, yes, we know that the vertical scale is grossly exaggerated (a normal relief map of the Earth would be as smooth as a pool ball), but distortions like these provide useful visual information regarding land use, patterns of human habitation etc.


  1. Aha. Another case of the old cache-pwk4940-PWK 1612109037 1232223526.

    Unfortunately I lost a dozen of the link sources - but this morning I found a substitute that's better than the original because it has sound and you can hear what it sounds like when Scandinavians get excited.


    Thanks, Kolo Jesdec

  2. I ... I don't have any friends called David.

  3. Tip: Mobile version of reddit is less bandwidth heavy and has less ads. To access it, put an "i." in front of reddit.com ie. https://i.reddit.com/r/donthelpjustfilm/comments/j19jeh/100_pure_drama_for_life_the_scars_will_run_deep/

  4. For anyone else who is both ignorant of what a "victory formation" is AND couldn't get past the paywall in the link: "In American football, a quarterback kneel, also called taking a knee, genuflect offense, kneel-down offense, or victory formation occurs when the quarterback immediately kneels to the ground, ending the play on contact, after receiving the snap."


    1. I don't normally link to paywall sites, but I guess I didn't see that one because I'm subscribed to that paper. Your link goes to a different game; here's the YouTube video of the one I originally linked -



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