28 January 2021

Bald eagles' nest

Not a real one in the photo - but still impressive.  This one was created by the exhibits staff at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

According to Guiness World Records, "The largest bird's nest was built by a pair of bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), and possibly their successors, near St Petersburg, Florida, USA and measured 2.9 m (9 ft 6 in) wide and 6 m (20 ft) deep. It was examined in 1963 and was estimated to weigh more than two tonnes (4,409 lb)."


  1. You've likely been to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, where they have a model of a Bald Eagle nest fixed so kids can easily walk in. It's pretty fun there all around. (Though I haven't been since before last March, of course.)

    1. It's a wonderful place to visit -



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