21 September 2017

Happy Afghan child

Posted because Americans seldom see those words written together.

Via Reddit, where the photo location is noted as being set up for raisin-processing.


  1. Love it, thank you. My mom used to talk about Afghanistan, back when we sent troops over in early 2000s. She said people forget that in her living memory, Afghanistan was a happening place, with half-decent things going on there--girls going to school,music playing, etc. (As seen here:


    Then politics got real bad... and mom cried because of all that Afghanistan lost . And prayed we in the U.S. would never be in that position ourselves. Things are still bad out on the big world, but it's good to see modern pics like this one.

    1. Or, I should add, any other country, including Jordan, which she said was rather cool having a lady in power for a time.


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