21 September 2017

Ectopia cordis

Colloquially "heart outside the chest."  This young girl has the Pentalogy of Cantrell:
Link to the BBC program.  More on ectopia cordis.


  1. Fascinating and terrible at the same time. Fascinating to watch her heart beat, to watch the distention when she coughs, and to see that she can and does live with this birth defect. Terrible to know how fragile her life is, how easily she could be fatally injured by a blow to her chest or abdomen, and how full of life she is, wanting to run and be active but aware that she must be careful. Such a sweet little girl.

  2. Replies
    1. Anomalies of the human body are not intrinsically "gross" - they only seem so when filtered through your preconceptions of what is appropriate. Your disrespect for this courageous young lady diminishes only yourself, not her.


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