08 September 2017

Getting out of Dodge



  1. Not that you asked, but I'm from Orlando, and just off the takeoff and landing flight paths for MCO, I had work last night at the soccer stadium for our ladie's team and it was eerie how many planes were taking off and making steep banks left and right. I'm currently posted up with my parents in a concrete block house with all hip roofs, no gables, surrounded by an 8 foot concrete block wall.

    We weathered Charley, Frances and Jeanne when they came to visit and the neighborhood has removed many many more trees since then but there's still many to go. The link below shows the next street over in my neighborhood post Charley. "No Outlet" is an understatement.


  2. Another Orlando person here: was supposed to leave this evening for work, attempted to schedule an earlier flight to no avail. Just going to havee to ride this one out!

    1. You can go further north. My family who live in Naples are currently in Alabama.

    2. Just checking in, you make it through ok? Still without power, wish OUC would be the reliable one already and get us an estimate at least...fully realize this is a first world problem and I'm lucky to be in a place to be able to complain.

  3. We have friends from Miami who drove for several days to get out. We live in Ohio....


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