23 September 2017

Divertimento #135

Horse plays with a woman's zipper.

Toddler scared of her shadow.

Labrador dog comforts a child.

Baseball trick.

Grebe courtship dance.

Geometry of bubbles.

"Horse fences tick so it isn't a constant stream of electricity, so that is why they didn't immediately get zapped and had to wait for the next tick to get shocked."

It's a trap!

Leopard frogs view worm video.

Car soccer.

Feeding frenzy on a chicken farm.

"Beast mode on" (soccer)

"When the food fights back"

How an eel's double jaw works.

Cats are capable of performing amazing jumps.

Traffic shockwave.

Ants spraying formic acid.

Application of piping.   And cake decorating.

Magnetic building blocks.

A tortoise races a hare.

I didn't know guinea pigs can jump.  You learn something every day.

Anna's hummingbird, up close and personal.

Described as the "headis world championship."

Machine separates red and green tomatoes.

Dog climbs vertical wall.

Watch a tire cross the road.  No - actually, don't watch...

Clever design for a corner cabinet.

Another clever design: a "tambour door" (I remember these from the 1950s)

A softshell turtle is fast in the waterAnd on land.

Do NOT spray "silly slime" around open flames.  (trigger warning: child's hair in flames)

An "own goal" in ice hockey.

Bird has learned how to trigger a door's motion sensor.

Whale shark pup rescued and released.

How to get a balloon down from the ceiling.  First, find a little girl...

Eleven flips on an exercise ball (not a "fail video")

Juggling tables with your feet.

Why some spacecraft orbits look like sine waves.

Close call for a dog swimming in a Florida lagoon.

Can this man jump across a swimming pool from a standing start?

Girl standing and spinning on bicycle handlebars.

Squirrel escapes with a clever plan rather than blind panic.


Distract the dog with peanut butter.

A father built a "ninja warrior" course for his young daughter.  Impressive...

Baby spiny flower mantids.

Table becomes shelves.  Clever - but useful??

Wakeboarding with a beer.

Pickpocket caught red-handed.

You've heard of "instant karma."  THIS is instant karma.  Or perhaps "carma."

Lightning debarking a tree.  Wow.  Just wow.

btw, there is an entire subreddit devoted to Mechanical GIFs, if you want to waste the rest of your day...

Today's embedded photos are of barn quilts, from a gallery at Madison.com depicting some of the over 300 barn quilts in Shawano County, Wisconsin. (photo credits Jim Leuenberger; originals at Houzz).


  1. Small correction: That's an Anna's Hummingbird, not a Ruby-Throated.

    I love the grebe gif!

    1. Fixed. You learn something every day.


      Tx, Emily.

    2. I saw one of the shelf/tables and was told it was a Bakers table - as this - https://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/storage-case-pieces/shelves/antique-country-store-bakers-shelves-table-yesbera-co-toledo/id-f_4224963/

  2. Tweeted a sampling of favourites at https://twitter.com/GoldHoarder/status/911743107691044864 which is what I often do.

  3. That is the most gorgeous dog I've ever seen (under the barn quilt in the snow).

  4. I surfed for the web for random and interesting content but eventually tired of the drek and repetition. Then I found TYWKIWDBI.

    I surfed Imgur.com for random and interesting content but eventually tired of the drek and repetition. Then I found TYWKIWDBI.

    Thank you, Mr. Widbee, for functioning as a human garbage sorter. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    1. You're quite welcome. And remember - ten years of back content are available via the sidebar (I suggest starting in "categories", not the calendar archive...)

  5. Re: Tambour door. Isn't this sort of the way a roll-top desk works?


  6. The barn quilts look similar to the Pennsylvania Dutch "Hex Signs" painted on barns: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hex_sign

  7. Even more instant karma would have been if everybody walked over to him, shrugged their shoulders and just left him there.


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