04 September 2017

Divertimento #133

The fifth gifdump.
Orange juice will break a balloon.  You learn something every day.

You otter be in a band.

Breaking up hard candy.

Skyscraper observation deck tilts for a better view.

Cleaning a bus seat.

Meet the hammerhead slug (the world's largest flatworm).

A naturally-occurring waterslide

Use a rolling pin to press pastry into a cup.

This is the game of "tag" on a professional level.

Beached octopus thanks its rescuer.

Ksenia Parkhatskaya, an amazing solo jazz dancer.

Ten-hour timelapse of an Amish barn-raising.

Sand art in a bottle.

Steel mill SCARY malfunction.

Interesting skateboard trick.

Not happy with what's in the box...

Mini-tornado caught on security cam.

Realistic model of Titanic sinking.

Amazing jump by a dog.

Unusual ice hockey goal.

Weissenberg Effect occurs with non-Newtonian fluids.

Impressive hostage-taking costume.

Rescuing baby bears from a dumpster.

Pets at the pool.  And more pets at the pool.

5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Each piece a different color.

Don't use your nachos and beer to catch a foul ball.  Just don't.


I can lift you, but you can't lift me.

You don't want to know how your luggage is handled (or not handled).

Situational awareness in this father at a road rally.

Drugs?  Or just extreme stupidity?

There is a tumblr devoted to GIFs of processes.

Suicide prevention (unconventional).

How to mow around a post.

Pranking a young fisherman.

One reason I don't watch soccer.

Bicycle lights.

Bioluminescent plankton in a globe (commercially available).

Musical chairs as a training aid.

Fun with magnets.

Fire ants.

It's been nice, but I really must be going...

Beetle battle.

Kids having fun at a riverbank (and no, there aren't any crocodiles).

Puppy meets stairs.

Little girl gets a surprise gift.

"Dramatic re-enactment of my first options trade."

The pix are from a gallery of 30 photographs showing how Rob Arnold collected 35 bags of microplastics at Tregantle Beach (Cornwall) in one day.


  1. I greatly enjoy these posts. The mini-tornado picking up a car is amazing, I would have expected the wind to do a lot more damage to the plants around it before it could get powerful enough to move a car.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ugh..."breaking up hard candy" without gloves and those uncovered hairy arms. Yuck.

  4. This is a really good dump. I've been on the Internet alllll weekend, and this is the best stuff I've seen.

  5. those plastic soldiers - they look like what i played with when i was a bit younger, and sometimes now find in the backyard.


  6. Wow! that was just magical. What a beautiful mix. Thanks

  7. I love TYWKIWDBI the variety and informative content just excels! So many thanks for your efforts and sharing.


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