14 July 2017

Trail mix

"In Germany, Poland, Hungary and several other European countries, trail mix is called "student food" or "student snack" in the local languages. In New Zealand, trail mix is known as "scroggin" or "schmogle". The term is also used in some places in Australia but usage has only been traced back to the 1970s. Some claim that the name stands for sultanas, carob, raisins, orange peel, grains, glucose, imagination, and nuts or alternatively sultanas, chocolate, raisins and other goody-goodies including nuts; but this may be a false etymology.

The word gorp, a term for trail mix often used by hikers, is typically said to be an acronym for "good old raisins and peanuts" or its common ingredients "granola, oats, raisins, peanuts." The Oxford English Dictionary cites a 1913 reference to the verb gorp, meaning "to eat greedily.""


  1. Real trail mix only has two ingredients, M&M's and disappointment.

  2. I use chocolate chips instead of candies.

  3. Studentenhaver in Dutch, collegegrain. nutricious survival food from grandma ,popular at parties next to the peanuts and chips.
    Biovega political hipster food it is called now and the price has been tripled.

  4. Gorp can also stand for any packed-in foods. For instance, when rafting the Gauley River, it used to be that they had a very nice tomato-ish soup of some sort, and they called it gorp.


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