16 July 2017

Divertimento #131

The fourth "gifdump."  Lets start with a funny one:

LoCH NeSs MoNSter drOWNS iNNocENt WoMan

Just a little girl watching TV.  With her 12-foot pet snake.

You do the interview while I get out of this lifejacket.

You can lead a horse to water, but...

Husband wakes wife from nap, instantly regrets it.

Bread slicer.

Flying fish successfully evades underwater predator.

Did she treat him to lunch?  Or not...?

Impressive domino spiral.

Desert camouflage (Eritrea).

How patellas ("kneecaps") work.

Dog startles puppies, instantly regrets it.

Basketball dunk, through the legs - twice.

Alleged to be the world's largest single firework.  And a synchronized firework.

Labeled "feeding time," but may have some other explanation.

Using a drone to replace a lightbulb - a technique recommended by lightbulb manufacturers.

Home-made falafel. (from the GIF recipe subreddit, btw)

Secret drawer.

Handfeeding a nautilus.

Good thing this bicyclist didn't back up.

Impressive scarecrow.

Monitor lizard attacks a "snake."

Remoras on a whale shark.

Milling a sprocket.

Portugal national team heading a soccer ball.

Snake easily climbs a smooth-barked tree.

Extreme scooter sport.  Why am I not surprised to see a spectator in a wheelchair?

Heckler of street performer gets what he deserves.

Bicycle accident.  And preparing for the beach cyclocross.  And awesome balance on a bicycle.

How not to cope with burning alcohol. x3.

Riding a motorbike on a railroad track.  (note there is now a WCGW subreddit)

Do Not STRADDLE the pullback-rope of a rope swing.

Unusual soccer trick.

Just too weird to explain.

Lighting methane on a frozen lake.

How a long dog gets off a narrow ledge.

Base jumping at Kjerag Cliff (Norway).

The start of a homing pigeon race.

HMB while I jump over this massive rolling hay bale.

Reversible sequins.

Surprise present.  Have a hankie or tissue ready...

The embedded images today come from A Selection of the Getty's Open Content Program, in The Public Domain Review.  Details and provenance of the images at the link.


  1. Wow! You certainly do a LOT of browsing!

    I need to do more of that -- the political stuff is driving me nuts...


  2. The spectator in a wheelchair is wearing a helmet, I bet he's going next.

    1. Exactly. Not a spectator, but a participant.

  3. These are awesome but may I make one request? I would really like it if you would set the links to open in a new tab. I really don't want to navigate away from your blog.

    1. Leah, my blogging platform (Blogger) doesn't offer the option of creating links that open in new tabs - only of opening in new windows. Opening tabs is I think a browser option. I don't know what you use, but in Firefox you can go to Preferences>General and click to have links open in a new tab.

      But also, and more important, instead of clicking on links, try "right-clicking." That should bring up a menu with choices to "open link in new tab, open link in new window, etc." A technique useful for your whole websurfing life, not just for TYWKIWDBI.

    2. Stan, if I'm not mistaken, Blogger has the option of editing in html format. If you then add target="_blank" to the a href... tag to the left of a link, it will cause it to open in a new window. See for example this page on how to do that.

      If you want to dabble a bit in html editing and see what effect it has on the final result without first having to publish it, you can use a realtime online editor like this one.

    3. ...says the reddit frequenter ;) As it turns out, you don't even have to use html; if this info is correct there is a simple checkbox in the Edit Link window that does the same.

    4. Thank you, Drabkikker, but note that that "simple checkbox" has to be checked for each link, meaning that I would have to have done 40 extra clicks for this post. And it would open a new window, not a new tab. The alternative offered is to insert someone's script into my template. No thank you. People can learn to right-click.

  4. What would have been the correct way to extinguish the alcohol fire there? I would have probably tried the water too, or try cover the flaming plastic container with the other one to limit the oxygen


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