04 July 2017


The William Livingstone House (1894-2007) in Detroit, built in the French Renaissance Revival style.

Photo cropped for size from the original posted at the Abandoned Porn subreddit.


  1. to an outsider your whole country is starting to look like that. company's and town councils poisoning water to save money, who cares who gets poisoned, i got a whole pile of "campaign donations". it doesn't matter if i hike the price of this life saving medicine beyond the ability of most people to pay, because it might get me an upgraded yacht. hey lets start a war in somewhereistan so we can sell more rockets to the military, the rockets will only kill foreign people and they don't really matter

    sorry to dump on your country on its national day, so here a a butterfly link http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-10-04/endangered-wa-butterfly-hope-ants-will-lead-to-more-colonies/6824592

    1. No apology needed. Your viewpoint is shared by an ever-increasing number of people worldwide. Thus the title.

  2. The building did that after being moved...


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