14 July 2017

How to store tomatoes


  1. that would never work for me. in tomato season, when i get home, and there are ripe tomatoes on the plants, i just gobble them up. this is before taking anything out of the car, going in the house, getting the mail, etc. eating them live is so-o-o-o-ooooo tasty!


    1. ^ truly this, but you gotta grab the salt shaker first, and maybe some Old Bay. I eat them over the garden sink so I can wipe off my face and hands. Who stores tomatoes? If I get more than I can eat...wait, I never have more than I can eat.

  2. Pretty sure that ripping off the stem is the worst option, because of the bruising caused. Anyway why isn't he showing the experiment, which would be the much more interesting part.
    I thought the wines dry up and clog up moisture loss, or they might actually wick moisture out. I'm undecided.


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