10 July 2017

Elevator buttons

There may be a perfectly valid logical reason for the ordering of these elevator buttons; several suggestions are offered in the CrappyDesign subreddit.

Image cropped for size from the original.


  1. Looks like even the Braille is illuminated (but covered by plastic). How in the heck...?

  2. I think this elevator straddles two buildings, the left one with a floor pitch that is 3/2 of the right one. The left two columns are for the left building and the right three columns are for the right building. The left building's lowest unique floor is 28. The buttons are basically sorted in altitude order.

  3. Mark's theory sounds reasonable. It could also be that the buttons are arranged according to "permissions." One set is for the public and the other for tenants with special keys. This might explain why the 6th floor isn't on the right-hand pane with the other low numbers. Still doesn't explain why #s 2-4 are missing.


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