04 July 2017

Thought-provoking video for the Fourth of July

These Americans were located and assembled for this event by the staff at Ancestry.  They are of course re-enacting the iconic painting by John Trumbull.

"When you see the new picture, the new image, it's a picture of diverse people. Black, white, Hispanic, Native American -- a little bit of everything -- Asian, and that's more of a representation of this country," said Shannon Lanier, the sixth great-grandson of President Thomas Jefferson.

Andrea Livingston is half Filipino. She recently learned she's the eighth great granddaughter of Philip Livingston.
More information at CBS News, which featured this story in more detail on tonight's national broadcast.


  1. I saw this yesterday. Very nice.

  2. It's so appropriate to show the new generations, though I'm sure ancestry did use DNA to find them which is creepy.

    1. I don't see that DNA evidence would be necessary except perhaps in a court of law. Ancestry.com has a massive family tree database because people have been tracing their roots back to the founding fathers for generations. I should think they just examined those trees and got in touch with some current descendants.

  3. The other 4th of July/Declaration of Independence news:



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