19 July 2017

Surfing from a floating dock

I've seen docks like these lakeside, but hadn't conceived of them as an accessory for ocean sports.  Wow.

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  1. I have never seen long, thin floating platforms like that.

    However, I've seen plenty of the small, anchored, floating platforms that in Australia are simply called pontoons.

    About that. If you look up "pontoon" on Wikipedia, you will see it is exactly what you'd expect: a disambiguation page. But there's no article dedicated to those floating platforms and it's hard to imagine there ever being one: what could one possibly say about them that would fill an article?

    So when I decided, in 2013, to add information and a photo to Wikipedia, I just stuck it in the Pontoon (boat) article. It had to go somewhere; the choice was arbitrary. Someone else could always move it later.

    (To upload the photo, I reactivated an ancient account, just that once. For various reasons, I strongly prefer to edit Wikipedia anonymously.)


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