10 July 2017

A turtle with a "Corvette body"

"Several years ago, a client brought me a box turtle that had been hit by a car. I used fiberglass to repair his broken shell and then released him in my woods. Recently, while walking on my hillside, I spotted an odd pattern in the leaves. To my amazement, there was my old patient with the fiberglass still on... years later! Sometimes, being a vet is the best thing there is."
From the Facebook page of the Hocking Hills Animal Center, via Bored Panda.

Addendum: There is relevant information re repairing turtle shells in this discussion thread.


  1. Not to be Mr. Poopy Pants, but that has to affect the turtle's growth patterns. I don't think the shell is ever fully done growing.

    1. Ok, I read more at the original link. She figured it would pop off. My instincts were right, and all is good in the world again!!

  2. That is just so fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


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