04 March 2013

Ovarian cells

Found at the "Picture Show" at Cell:
The Drosophila ovary is an excellent model system for studies of organogenesis. Here the whole Drosophila ovary is spread out on a slide. Germline and somatic stem cells are at the outside tip of each ovariole strand while the mature eggs are in the center.
Image: A series of fluorescence confocal micrographs were taken at 200X magnification on a Nikon C2 demonstration microscope and then stitched together using software. All nuclei (multi-colored) are labeled with H33342 dye.  Credit: Ho Lam Tang and Denise Montell, Johns Hopkins University.


  1. Cool! Looks like some of that groovy old black-light art from the '70s!

  2. The one as 10:00 o'clock looks like Marge Simpson!


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