25 March 2013

Marijuana vending machines

They are real.
Dispense Labs plans to lease the machines to dispensaries so they can offer round-the-clock convenience to a customer base that's far more likely to do its pot shopping at night. The so-called Autospense will be placed behind a vending cage accessible — like the machines themselves — only with a valid registration card. Fingerprint authentication provides additional security, and closed-circuit cameras, locks, and strict record keeping are relied upon to prevent machine tampering.
Via Gawker.


  1. They are real and they are awesome.

    Signed, Colorado resident.

    1. Are there Hostess Twinkies and Doritos vending machines right next to them?

    2. Not yet but it's only a matter of time.

      There ARE dispensaries in town that offer free snacks or sodas to paying customers though.

  2. Get this started in the UK now! :-)


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