08 March 2013

"DDT is good for me !"

A 1947 advertisement by the makers of DDT.  Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" wouldn't be published for another 15 years.

From an article at Collector's Weekly detailing other "dangerous ads."


  1. When I think of all the chemicals we ingested and inhaled in the "olden days", I marvel that so many of us old people are still around.

    1. Perhaps that should tell us something about chemical scare hype.

  2. It's a trade off: Die of Malaria, Starvation or possibly die of toxins.
    DDT Was useful but it was used to excess and with nothing resembling caution for many years, school children would be sprayed as they played in fields.

  3. So many people missing the point of this. We get the same BS about GMO foods and Round Up, as people once got about DDT (and cigarettes, come to that). As with DDT and cigarettes, we will later be told it is extremely toxic and deadly and carcinogenic. For millions of people, that news will, once again, be too late.


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