18 March 2013

How Ixonia, Wisconsin got its name

It remained the town of Union for only five years and then was divided into two individual towns. Town 7 was called Concord without any disagreement, but a dispute resulted in the naming of town 8. To simplify matters it was agreed upon to put the letters of the alphabet on slips of paper and have young Mary Piper draw them until a name could be formed. As the result, "Ixonia" was the name given town 8 on January 21, 1846, and remains the only town bearing this name in the United States.


  1. Aww, and I thought it was going to be because it was the ninth town. Like the Planet Ix from F. Herbert's "Dune" books.

    1. So close! It would have been Viiiville, far too many "i"s. ;o)
      But I do like that there was concord on Concord.


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