02 March 2013


Via Reddit, where the comment thread included some biographic information:
Mädir Eugster: 1977 – 1981 education in Paris: Ecole Nationale du Cirque, Ecole de Mîme Etienne Decroux, Ecole de Mîme Jaques Lecoq. Co-founder of Rigolo. Co-directs with Lena Roth the "Circus Rigolo", then "Rigolo Tanzendes Theater" (Rigolo Dancing Theatre) and now "Rigolo Nouveau Cirque" from 1978 to the present. Alternating roles in 20 Rigolo productions as a performer, stage director and set designer (art objects/props). Implements through the Balance Trilogy his vision of high-caliber dance theatre to which he also adds his strength in the visual arts. For their 30th anniversary Lena and Mädir entirely dedicated themselves to the production and tour of Beautiful Turns, a manifestation of the Nouveau Cirque concept.
If you decide to skip through because you don't have time to enjoy the full 12-minute display of skill and strength, be sure not to miss the very end.  Another performance is recorded here.

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