01 March 2013

An awesome dungeon

I was always thankful that in our group there was always one guy who would kick the doors down, get eaten by the ogres behind the doors, and then be reincarnated by the Dungeonmaster.  It saved a lot of time.

The above is a licensed map from Paratime Design, via fuck yeah cartography!

See also A Random Dungeon Generator.


  1. Whew. I would love to tromp through that for a few months with good friends.

  2. Looks like one I made at school when the teacher wasn't looking :-)
    Brings back some great memories!

  3. Ogawd, this takes me back! I remember one sadistic GM that made us create our own maps as we went so our party could "get back out" at the end. THIS NEVER WORKED. Nothing like stumbling around for hours trying to get $*@&$% back out again.

    Ah D&D, I do sometimes miss thee.

  4. All on one level? No dead ends with a secret door to the rest of the dungeon in a rubble filled room so you waste time clearing rubble?

    My best move in a campaign was to as the DM where sulfur deposits came from and I showed him pictures of a local sulfur mine in an area geologically similar to our campaign. So the DM gave us sulfur. My crafty thief who had been hiding a little money from the rest of the party hired a bunch of peons to build a machine that would fill the abandoned tin mine with SO2. The orcs were much easier to fight on the surface.

    Yes, I know, there should never be a tin mine on a coastal plain. That was the DM's mistake.

  5. Man, after playing Minecraft for a bit I have an all-new appreciation for just how twisty and confusing dungeons could be if you modelled them in 3D. That 2D map's a pussycat compared to what you could do. If you were evil, I mean.


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