22 July 2010

Some minor changes at TYWKIWDBI

Blogger, the host for TYWKIDBI, has changed the mechanism for uploading photos.  In the past bloggers could embed photos stored on their hard drive, but now one has to either hotlink to the URL of a photo posted elsewhere on the web, or one has to upload photos to a Picasa web album.

I've been doing some of both, so you may have noticed that some pix load more slowly (or not at all, depending on their source).  I'm not at all happy with this change in the interface, so if any bloggers out there know of a workaround, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Also, I guess it's time for me to acknowledge social networking media by facilitating linkages, so I've embedded some relevant buttons at the bottom of all the posts.


  1. You have a Mac, yes? I highly recommend Skitch, as it is my very best buddy when it comes to blogging. Not only is it a quick and easy image manipulation program (for cropping and/or drawing things on top of the image, without touching the image itself), but it has a direct and simple method for embedding blog photos.

    You will have to sign up for the software, because it's still in beta. But don't let that scare you -- it's beta like Google does beta. I've been using it for almost three years without a single issue. Frankly I have no idea why its developers aren't charging for it yet. It gets so much use on my computer that I made it a Login Item.


  2. I can still upload photos from my hard drive for a blogger post. I just tested it, because I was going to be really unhappy if I had to upload the photos somewhere else first and link. That's annoying.

    Are you using the old editor, or the updated one? I'm using the updated one. The settings are at the bottom of the "basic" page on the settings tab. (I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox, but I don't think it should be different on a Mac.)

  3. Claire, I thought I was using the updated editor, but now that I've gone to that page and clicked Save Settings, the old comfy upload from hard disk has reappeared.

    Fingers crossed that it stays this way.

    Big thank you from me!


  4. Claire, I give up. Sometimes one photo-uploading interface appears, and sometimes the other, no matter which editor I have checked.


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