31 July 2010

How to end the wars

A hat tip to The Frustrated Teacher for finding this.


  1. Or maybe just one word? "Greetings"


  2. The wealthy and influential chickenhawks would get out of it, as they always do. See Bush parking planes, Cheney and his five deferments, Limbaugh and his ass pimple, and finally the very numerous GOP bigwig chickenhawks who all managed to avoid service via deferments etc. FWIW, I'm sure Democrat chickenhawks are no better.

  3. Pace: Steve. An eastern newspaper has published a "who served" database. Such tough talk from people who passed on the opportunity to serve.

  4. The rich people of any party affiliation will always be able to escape the real dangers of war.

    But if average everyday Americans were in danger of having their lives turned upside down and perhaps ended, we might be inclined to pay a little bit more attention to the wars we end up in.

    I used to think the draft was a horrible idea, but it might be what we need as a Republic to start paying some attention to the government that is making these decisions in our name.


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