17 July 2010

The co-opting of major "green" organizations like Greenpeace

A 9-minute video which begins with an explanation of corporate "greenwashing," but then shifts the attack toward the major components of the environmental movement, such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club.  Notably, a major criticism of Greenpeace is expressed by  one of the co-creators of Greenpeace, who says that it is little more than a "feel good" organization.   The former presidents of Greenpeace chapters are now corporate leaders.

If you are cynical about the future of the environment, this video will make you more so.


  1. Thought provoking, although I wish they'd included stronger factual analysis of what's going on, how much of it is the inevitable compromise of negotiation, etc

  2. The English secret police infiltrated Greenpeace a LONG time ago.
    Do people really believe that a government would let a large protest group like Greenpeace alone?
    There are people at all levels of Greenpeace that are government agents.
    Think about it.

  3. Thanks so much for this- I certainly wasn't aware that almighty Greenpeace itself was part of the greening washing movement, although I most definitely realized that recycling my paper and bottles wasn't going to do a damn thing long as corporations were able to freely proliferate hundreds of thousands of tons of waste and toxic contaminants into our air, water and land on a daily basis.


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