22 July 2010

The aging of Minnesota residents

The deepening coloration depicts the percentage of Minnesotans over age 65 as a percentage of the population in a county.  I would doubt that this phenomenon is peculiar to Minnesota. The data from which the graphic was compiled comes from the U.S. Census Bureau, so there may be a national map available somewhere.

There are a variety of important implications from demographic changes of this magnitude.  Very interesting.

Credit: Ray Grumney, StarTribune.

1 comment:

  1. Often a place that is nice and cheap and quiet, but doesn't have much economic opportunity, will become favored by the old. Outer islands in the South Pacific are startling in this regard: hourglass-shaped population pyramid from oldies raising their grandchildren while the middle age group works far off. Does Minnesota also have a lot of younguns?


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