23 July 2010

Floating garbage

A litter-cleaning vessel removed floating garbage Tuesday in front of China’s Three Gorges Dam before opening the dam’s gates to lower the water level in the reservoir, swollen by recent flooding in the region. (ZUMApress.com)


  1. Seas of trash like this one often generate pictures that people use as images of the Great Pacific Garbage patch.

    China is rapidly approaching becoming a developed nation with the disposables to prove it. The population needs to learn how to keep their country clean.

  2. We have a school program in which from 2013 - 2018 we have recruited 134,000 high school students from 141 schools. They collect clean-dry-empty plastic trash AT HOME (only at their personal home) and after a month fetch the collected clean dry plastic to school. Here we have arranged for ALL of it to be PURCHASED by recyclers. We need to stop the throwing habit by making 1.2 billion children (the entire future generation of human beings) learn not to throw plastic from home. As they grow they will not throw from their institution and their business/company/industry. We have very encouraging results. The children fetched 115 tons of waste plastic and each ton prevented from mixing with biodegradable waste made sure the biodegradable waste is freed to become fertilizer through NATURAL DECAY. 115 x 150 = 16,000 puls tons of biodegradable waste would have been changed to mixed trash if the 115 tons had not been collected by the kids. The program is easy. It is replicable. It is a PREVENTIVE program and does not ask kids to pick trash outside their homes. ONLY from inside their own homes. wHEN A KID ASKS: cAN i FETCH PLASTIC TRASH FROM MY NEIGHBOR? wE ANSWER: oNLY IF YOU BRUSH THEIR TEETH EVERY DAY FROM TOMORROW. And so the kids realize... 8 billion people will ALL have to learn not to throw plastic and to hand it over for recycling to the proper agency.


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