13 April 2009

Has Mythbusters jumped the shark?

("jumping the shark" explained)


  1. "Jumped the shark"? Not in my opinion, though I didn't see the episode the clip is from.

    This over-the-top "experiment" is consistent with the way the show has always worked. They have been scaling up their efforts as the show has progressed, probably because they have access to larger budgets. But they've always had a fondness for explosions of all kinds. This is very much in line with that.

    By the way, I enjoy the show, though it seems to me that they often fail to prove (or disprove) what they claim to prove (or disprove). It is entertainment far more than science. But that's ok. It's fun, and not completely mindless entertainment.

  2. Yeah hasn't this been done before, way earlier in the show? They tried it with the actual two trucks - but didn't get it right on. I can see this as being a way to retry the myth.

    Yeah I agree, most definitely in the vein of the show - just on a bigger scale.


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