18 April 2009

The "Big Dog" robot by Boston Dynamics

YouTube link

Addendum: For an excellent spoof of the above video, see this one (thanks, Prokke!)


  1. That was a really interesting video, it's uncanny how like an animal its movements are, especially when it was shown slipping on ice and recovering its balance, very like the behavior of a dog doing the same activity.

    If they can reduce the power requirements such that it doesn't need a two-cycle engine to power it, it would be a good platform for further space exploration. A walker like this appears to be would (I think) be superior at negotiating some terrain compared to tracked or wheeled robots.

  2. Check this one, its a beta-version of big-dog, but you can see much of the animal-like movement here too!


  3. Hilarious Prokke, thanks for the laugh. Funnily, it took a few seconds to parse what was actually going on in the video.


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