31 March 2019

Russian Lada

Via English Russia

Also at that link a clever creation from eggs, radish slices, and ?what for eyes (see below):

Credit for this creation to Key Ingredient (which specifies peppercorns for eyes, and chives for tails).  Hat tip to reader Cobwebs for tracking down the source.


  1. If it's also Russian, it could even be fish eggs (caviar) (there seems to be some color leakage), but more likely peppercorns.

  2. Caviar was also my first thought. But after thinking about how I'd go about getting it to stay in place I ruled that out. Peppercorns is probably the best guess based on what I can make out in the photo. But I would opt for cloves if I try doing this for my grandkids. Cloves have that little stem which would keep them securely anchored.

  3. Cloves for eyes?

  4. The reason I didn't say cloves is that they aren't perfectly round, but have the 4 spiky bits around the center sphere. Also, they're brown, not black. But Russian cloves might be different than what I'm used to.

  5. Sorta looks like one of the little dears has lost an eye.

  6. Peppercorn would go good as a flavor with eggs and radish as well as look right.

  7. Looks like the original photo comes from here, and the recipe specifies peppercorns.


    1. Thank you, Cobwebs, for that source information. I've added it to the body of the post.


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