04 March 2019

Divertimento #161

I haven't done a gif-based linkfest since January.   Hundreds of gifs bookmarked.  Let's go...

Here's what socialist Denmark does for new mothers

Scooping honey from a honeycomb

Deceptive size of beer glass at Applebees

A reminder that a triangle can be made of three right angles

Street scene in Grindewald, Switzerland

European drivers understand to leave road open for emergency vehicles

The speed of light between earth and moon in real time

Cracking open an opal vein in a rock.  Another "boulder opal"

Boston Dynamics' "Big Dog" has been improved

U.S. numbered highway system.  In numerical order.

Child's "activity trunk" ripoff

"Cardominos" are a variant of traditional dominos

Reportedly a meth addict on the street; video mixed with BeeGees

A knight's sabaton (footwear) was very flexible

Backflip in front of a mirror... not.

Zaouli African dance

Drone flight through fireworks

A wrestler seems to appear out of nowhere


Penguin gets separated from his/her group

Giraffe being attacked by lions

People work together to save a dog

Play with a cat.  What can go wrong?

Bald eagle swims to shore with its lunch (bullhead, I think)

Awesome rack on a buck

Journalist goes to animal shelter to write a story

Dog "confined" to a cage

Rhombic egg-eater has a defensive display

Devil rays flying

Clever mouse escapes

What's coming down the hall?

What's under that tiny air bubble at the beach?

Service dog has to learn about glass floor

Dog digs a hole.  Sort of.  "Dog.exe has failed"

After public pool closes, dogs are allowed in (fundraiser, fun for dogs)


College basketball player injures his face on the backboard

Referee dodges a pass in the Alabama/Clemson game

Michael Jordan pre-game ritual

Jessie Graff, ninja warrior.  The lady clapping is her mom 

Pool table trick, hard to appreciate until you see the slow motion

Impressive or clever

How to hide alcohol at a sports event

Cutting a fallen tree

Pancake production line at a fair or carnival

A Novascope is a kind of kaleidoscope

Falling tree unleashes a missile

Cutting clay to reveal art

Cutting a watermelon for sharing

Why you shouldn't touch decorative cattails indoors

Machine wraps hay bales. And another one.

Arborist deploying a portawrap

"Seabreacher" is a new aquatic toy

Disarming a man wielding a knife

Skydiver enters an airplane

Ferrari pit team perfection

Superb moonwalk

What water does to a grease fire

Use your drone to remove a hornet's nest

Glider takeoff

Drone-propelled flying chair

TIL that there are silicone sheets that match the size and weight of pizza dough

Fails (I shouldn't have to leave a trigger warning for this category...)

How not to open champagne

Don't throw lighted cigarettes into underground chambers.

And don't put a firecracker down there either 

Man puts a firecracker into a smoker grill.

Trying to kill a spider

A "snow gun" for people who can't make or throw snowballs

Try to impress people by drinking flaming alcohol

Don't play with an electric fence in a field that has cow patties (skip to start at 1:45)

Deer versus bicyclist.  Both lose.

"Don't mix fire with stupid"

Serious injury from a ridiculous bicycle stunt

Fossil unlocked by a master preparator

Freezing rain + steep driveway.  Note impressive loss of both shoes.


Girl gives her scarf to a homeless dog

Toddler dances to music of buskers

A compilation of four-generation families

Be careful of that step

People work together to save a dog

Man admires old car in parking lot (story at the link)

Child playing hide and seek 

Helping a deer on a frozen lake

Leaving the house with wet hair in the winter

Man rescues dogs from garbage dump

Oofda.  Enough for now.  That empties seven folders with 12 bookmarks each.  Lots more for later.  There are undoubtedly some incorrectly-pasted links; let me know.

The embedded images are selections from a larger gallery at Bored Panda.


  1. the beer glass sizes - in europe, a 'pint' glass of beer has mark on the glass showing where it is a pint. in the usa, a 'pint' of beer is the glass filled to the rim. in the usa, when you ask for a pint, unless the glass is full to the top with beer (not foam), you did not get a full 'pint'. you got beer in a glass that can hold a pint of liquid when filled to the rim. due to the conical shape pf the glass, with a half inch of foam, the actual liquid fill is roughly 14 ounces.


  2. Glass shape is usually more a matter of the style of beer being served. The "deceptive" pint glass is most often used for pilsners and wheat beers. Not sure whether Applebee's would know this or not.

  3. Also regarding beer glasses -- I'm not a beer drinker but I know that different kinds of beer are (or should be) served in different shaped glasses (the same way that wines are served in different shaped glasses.) The intent is to affect the taste, not to trick people regarding amount.

  4. i do recall different beer glass types for different beer types. these days, most every bar / brew pub that i have been in uses the truncated conical glass that holds a pint when filled to the rim with liquid, regardless of beer type. and they all pour a 'shorted' pint.


  5. Thanks for re-posting the tattoo photos. Having had both hips replaced, and always wanting a tattoo, but never knowing which one to get, those give me some ideas.

  6. Oofda. In any of the previous seven and a half thousand (or so) years of my life, I would have, upon reading such a word, rushed to a Google, or similar, and searched for its meaning.
    However, having Netflix these last few months to soothe the hours since a heart episode, I have had the pleasure of watching the made for TV series called Fargo, an apparently true story of events, both criminal and otherwise, that took place in Minnesota and it's abutting states, sometime last century.
    One of the main characters uses that word and hence I know exactly its meaning.
    And from now on, whenever I read your words, I will hear them in the accent they are spoken.

    1. You betcha. And be sure to watch Season 2 and Season 3 as well. I thought season 2 was the best of the trio.


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