04 March 2019

American neo-Nazis reorganizing

As reported in The Guardian:
The year and a half since the Unite the Right far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, ended in mayhem, the death of a protester and political turmoil, has been a rough time for the public facing and ostensibly political arm of the white supremacist movement in America. Those who marched in Charlottesville have to a large degree retreated, fleeing lawsuits, doxxing and personal scandal. Still, while public marches appear to be fewer and fewer, the period since Charlottesville has also been marred by individual episodes of extreme violence, suggesting that the wave of white supremacy that seemed to crest in Charlottesville is not so much receding as just changing in nature...

“It’s clearly gathering steam,” said JM Berger, an expert on extremism and research scholar at Vox-Pol. “Success breeds success, and we’re seeing people operationalize the self-education process. People are beginning to understand that they can emulate the actions of someone who went before them to work out whatever they want to work out.”

This certainty that evil forces are working against Trump has become prevalent within the far right, breeding conspiracies such as QAnon, which posits Trump is fighting a “deep state” conspiracy that seeks to thwart his patriotic agenda. As such, Trump plays a dual role within the world of rightwing violence: while a “sympathetic” administration can spur a rise in violence, the perceived persecution of Trump – in large part an image created by the president himself – can fuel the paranoid and violent fantasies of people like Hasson.

Both ideas can breed violence, especially if Trump is defeated in the 2020 elections...

Coupled with increased frustration by the limitations of political engagement comes the rise of more terroristic groups such as Atomwaffen Division, a militant neo-Nazi group linked to several murders. They and others have brought a less hierarchical and more disorderly structure to white supremacist activism, which makes them both harder to track and to control. Known as “leaderless resistance”, it has been a tactic of white supremacists for decades and lead to events such as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, but has been made exponentially easier by the internet.

“Leaderless resistance totally changes recruitment strategy,” said Belew.

“No longer is the movement trying to generate a mass protest of uniformed members. This movement isn’t interested in a crowd but in a dedicated cell of 12 people that are going to devote their lives to guerrilla warfare.”..

What remains an almost certainty is that Hasson is not alone in his desire to commit atrocities for white supremacist objectives. Others are still out there: armed, dangerous and plotting. Some will likely turn their thoughts into actions.

“My guess is that there are thousands like him,” said Belew. “These people are ideologically connected and preparing similar acts of violence.”
More at the link, if you want to totally ruin your day.


  1. "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    Res ipsa loquitur.

  2. First let me say that I am not a conservative or progressive, but I do despise all forms of collectivist ideology, and have been watching radicals on the left and right for forty years.

    FBI estimates suggest around 5,000 to 10,000 KKK and Nazis in a country of 324,459,463. Basically one small down of assholes, openly and vocally opposed by conservatives. I'm not worried about them, but I am worried about Antifa and the radical identitarianism, coming out of universities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0W9QbkX8Cs

    Right wing violent actors tend to be lone wolves, precisely because they are so roundly rejected by conservatives. The violence is sudden, brief, and horrific. But conservatives are by definition not trying to "bring it all down, man".

    Left-wing violence occurs in public, in groups, and often. It's persistent, organized and low-level. More disturbingly, it's done with significant intellectual cover from progressive media.

    When Obama was elected, leftist media outlets predicted right-wing violence. What they got was Tea-Party rallies that said their piece, cleaned up any trash, then went back to work. Occupy and Antifa committed rape, theft, vandalism, and dozens of assaults, then left a trail of garbage and human waste in their wake.

    It is silly to clutch the pearls over these unpopular fringe groups when people are being assaulted every week for wearing those silly MAGA hats. Get your priorities straight.

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