31 January 2019

Why comments on TYWKIWDBI are curated

About a year ago I changed the format of the blog to require all comments to be screened and approved by me.  Some readers may find it annoying to realize that their comment has to be approved before it appears online, but I had to do it because of all the crap illustrated above (from the past 2-3 days).  I realize this curation slows down inter-reader dialogue, but it's necessary to preserve the quality of the blog - and my own sanity.


  1. The saddest part of all those links is that this was actually a successful SEO strategy way back in the early 2000's, but now it's literally just guaranteeing that whatever website is being linked is going to be blacklisted to the deepest depths of Google pg. 250+.

  2. Mumbai call girls, eh???
    You sly devil you!

  3. Keep it up. Spam sux, but your efforts are well recieved.

  4. What was wrong with the two just before the bottom post? Unless I'm missing something, they appeared appreciative.

    1. Those two are total unadulterated spam, trying to insert their links on legitimate blogs like TYWKIWDBI that have high Google search scores. If I had clicked the "publish" button for those comments, they would have shown up with active hotlinks in the comments section.

  5. I had the same problem on Blogger. I moved over to a hosted WordPress site a few years ago, and the WP SpamShield program has been a godsend! Not free, but still pretty cheap.

  6. Is there no option to just toss anything with embedded html? Though, I suppose some legitimate commenters sometimes have reason to include links to related content, and that'd be the end of that...

  7. You're doing it right, unfortunately spammers and assholes are a fact of life. Thank you for keeping this site a refuge.

  8. Good job, this is probably the most civil comment section of any blog I regularly visit. (By the way, would you happen to be interested in hot single Russian ladies want to meet American studs?)

  9. Those comments are sad (and a wearing burden to curate) but you can see where they are coming from. Keyword in your post triggers an 'on message' general comment with link to an Ad. What I can't fathom is why I get entries in my Referring URLs log like:
    huup:\\ghcams.com\britney34 213 pageviews
    Britney has 34 breasts as expected but reading my blog 200+ times seems an inefficient way to get me to come over and count 'em


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