08 January 2019

Interesting Little Free Library

Via the pics subreddit.  I kind of liked this snarky comment: "It's like a house of horrors for trees. Inside the corpse of their former comrade are the processed remnants of their treebrothers and treesisters."
Sharalee Howard is the artist who created this epic Little Free Library inside a more than 100-year-old cottonwood tree stump outside her home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Howard was inspired when her family decided to remove most of the tree after branches began to fall. The core of the tree was starting to rot, and she felt inspired to create one inside the stump that remained from the tree. The library features a swinging glass door, steps, and interior and exterior lights.
Gif of this library here.  Little Free Library home [75,000 registered so far].


  1. Hansel: I think everything will be just fine, Gretel.

    Gretel: I don't know, Hansel. It all looks so...so inviting. Too inviting!

  2. When going to a library branch just won't do.


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