01 January 2019

Divertimento #159

We're long overdue for a gif-fest...

Population growth of the United States states, viewed as a horserace

Boy falls from third floor, is accidentally saved by his friend

How to position a can opener

Near-death experience

Sharpening a pencil with a lathe

Apparently these modified trucks are "bed-dancers."

Cleaning a rug


Dog worried that the screen door might be closed

Why did the salmon cross the road?

Mantisfly looks like a wasp

Beavers are hardwired to build dams

Pronghorn antelope on the move

Cat's paw

Scorpion and her babies

Rattlesnakes under a windmill

A piebald deer

Cane toads riding on (or trying to mate with) a python


A new collegiate football record 95-yard punt

"Expecto patronum" at a Polish soccer match.  These fans should see a video of the Bradford fire.

Cheap shot in a basketball game [violence]

Incredible volleyball save/point off a player's foot (top video, recommend fullscreen to see)

Incredible table tennis volley

Bowler rolls a 299.


Impressive or clever

Traffic light poles also light up

How action scenes are filmed.  And this one with a green screen.

How to lift heavy furniture

Jewelry store glass is sturdy

Portrait made with 13,000 dice.


Skilled workman installs tile

Folding linen napkins

Two heads, five hats

A better way to get pepper out of a shaker

Paintings on parade


Touchscreen voting problem

How not to store a boat trailer

Do not lean into a bullring [violence]

Selfie photo session

Wretched design of a toilet stall door

You had one job!


Girl with alopecia goes on a first date

Brain-damaged dog has "happy trots"

Deaf child visits Santa Claus

UPS delivery man greeted by local squirrel

When you're not a "morning person"

Photos by Julian Tsai, from a gallery at Bonsai Empire.
"The Taikan-ten is one of Japan's leading Bonsai exhibitions, with an incredibly high level of Bonsai trees on display. It takes place each year in November, in Kyoto."


  1. A perfect way to while away New Years Day ~ TFS!

  2. Being really snarky here ...

    The two gals on the table-tennis table. Would you trust either to take their contraceptives on schedule? Or to use a stove safely? Sheesh.

    And the guy with the boat and the forklift ... THIS is what Carlo Cipolla was talking about. Oh. My. God.


  3. that can opener method leaves a wonderfully sharp edge on which one can readily slice open a finger or tongue.


  4. I heard that the one of the dog who's not a morning person is actually dogs trapped in a hot car passing out, played backwards. Dunno if it's true.


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