31 January 2019

"Les Gardiennes" (The Guardians, 2017)

I can unreservedly recommend this movie.  This is the 2017 French movie, not to be confused with the unrelated superhero and action movies that share the noun (probably best searched using the French word).

This is a war movie, but the antithesis of most war movies in that there are no battlefront scenes (the brief machine-gun segment in the trailer is part of a dream).  And there is very little "action," and a refreshingly minimal amount of dialogue.  It's closer to a tranche du vie (slice of life) portrayal of what life was like for the women left behind, guarding the homestead and a way of life, during the madness of WWI.

Beautiful cinematography, and a view of life on a farm two generations ago for those of you who have such a heritage in your family.

The upper embed is the French trailer; the lower, slightly different one, has English subtitles [even if you don't speak French, you don't really need the subtitles to understand what is going on].  Both reveal most of the minimal plot, but that won't spoil the viewing.  It's available from Netflix and probably your local library.

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  1. I watched this per your recommendation. Thank you, thank you for all the fascinating information you share.


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