26 January 2019

Recitation of the Welsh alphabet

Via BoingBoing.


  1. This is funnier than heck, bonus Welch content: A Scottish air traffic controller (James McAvoy) with a heavy accent tries to guide a plane to a safe landing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGRcJQ9tMbY

  2. I was born in Wales of English parents, and back then, in the very early 1960s, if you spoke Welsh at school you'd be punished, so I now have no idea if the woman in the video is having us on or not, after all, A.I. overlay animation could be in play, lol.
    A similar cultural language strangulation occurred in New Zealand around the same time, colonial domination flexing it's bullying arms again.
    But both these languages have, and still are, making a comeback, leaving me, a so called 'white' man from Wales, speaking more Maori than I do Welsh.
    No real worries, we're all from the same floating rock really.

    Well, except President Trump, no idea what planet he's from, is there one called Narcissistic ?


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