29 January 2019

The "Moses Bridge"

"...the Moses Bridge (or Loopgraafbrug in the native language). This bridge looks more like a trench than the usual conception of a bridge, but it gets you across no matter how you call it. Located in the Netherlands, the fascinating bridge parts the waters surrounding a 17th century Dutch fort, allowing visitors to experience a whole new perspective of the shallow moat – too deep to march across and too shallow to boat across – that surrounds Fort de Roovere..."  
Many photos at Freshome.

This photo via the interestingasfuck subreddit.


  1. i am sure a good military engineer could come up with a way to cross that 'too deep / too shallow' moat.


  2. and the obvious question - does the water in the moat ever rise so that it overflows and floods the bridge?


    1. R U kidding me?? Do you really think something designed by the Dutch would be susceptible to flooding?


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