17 January 2019

"Self-lacing" sneakers are a thing now.

And they don't even have laces - just a contractile mesh, controlled by an app on your phone
The highlight of Adapt, which Nike is calling its "most advanced fit solution to date," is that you can control its power laces manually via physical buttons on the shoe or a companion app on your phone. When you put on the Adapt BB, the built-in custom motor with trained gears senses the tension needed by your feet and adjusts itself accordingly to keep each foot snug in the shoes. Nike says its new lacing system can create 32 pounds of force, about the same energy needed to pull a standard parachute cord, allowing it to stay locked in through any range of movement from a player.

Naturally, all this tech requires power, so you're going to have to charge the Adapt BBs eventually. According to Nike, the shoes can last up to 14 days on a full charge.
You'll be glad to hear that Nike "was able to bring the price down to $350."  And with your phone you can change the color of the little LED lights on the side.

I am so far behind the times...


  1. Oh, my dear life... what a waste of technology!! Have we really gotten THAT lazy as humans??? Could this be used in medicine for post-op dressings, casts/splints, etc???

  2. At 3:07 to 3:10 The lacing system looks remarkably similar to the lacing system on my waterproof, heat-moldable, removable wrist brace when I broke my wrist a couple of years ago. (But it was manual, not electric with sensors and settings.) This is just another clever application of technology that already exists.

  3. The more I see of this world, the more I think Wall-E was the most prescient movie made to date - we will soon all be in hover-chairs, fat, with screen in our face and a Big Gulp in hand, all living in an enclosed space since we ruined the planet, with technology to do everything for us.

  4. Can't wait to see those lights shining through a nice layer of smeared dog turd... 'untying' your shoe will be extra challenging.

  5. A couple of thoughts - what happens if an EMP goes off? Do the shoes fall off or do they pull tight? And since the shoes are controlled by one's phone, can they be hacked?

    I'm sticking with my Crocs. No laces and my feets fits in them.

  6. I think something like this would be awesome for two of my older relatives who have hip and bending issues. Having to tie and untie their classic New Balances is a pain. We've tried the stretchy laces already.

    1. Go for it if you can afford it. Alternatively, there are some shoes for seniors that close with velcro strips. check Zappos.


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